Should you hire a software developer or software development company?

Should you hire a software developer or software development company?

Software development is the crucial first step to building your empire and manifesting your ideas into a reality. Start-ups and corporate companies are usually stuck at a cross roads when it comes to the decision of hiring an in-house development team or outsourcing to a software development company.

While there are pros and cons to both, the reality of hiring just one full-time web developer could be more than your company can take at this point. Despite large in-house teams, many corporate companies and start-ups still fail to launch on time.

Will an in-house developer always ‘walk the walk’?

Hiring an in-house developer has the benefit of focusing solely on your products but in truth, do you fully know and understand their capabilities? Not all developers are full stack developers which mean they may be able to perform a couple tasks for your product but have no experience in other areas of software development.

The main reason you would hire a developer is to perform a task (or tasks) that you do not know how to do. So while they promise they can deliver and ‘talk the talk’ do they always ‘walk the walk’?

A costly approach

The next question you may need to tackle is that while the initial stage of a project may be incredibly time-consuming, will your in-house developer always have large projects that warrant a full-time salary? Probably not. Once an app or a piece of software has been completed, there will only be periodical maintenance work and perhaps a few extra features needed here and there. Your in- house developer can quickly become an expensive resource that you are financially and legally tied to.

Why you should hire a software development company

A software development company can offer your business flexibility with a project when the need arises. Payment is based on a per project basis which means you do not have to pay a monthly salary (or salaries) to simply get your idea off the ground.

You are also investing in a company of web developers who are highly skilled in most areas, which gives you a full spectrum of talent and the ability to get your ideas rolled out efficiently and on time.

Hire the best

A software development company will only have developers who are ‘the best and brightest’ and it is understandable why. When hiring an in-house web developer it will be impossible to afford a full- time full stack developer who can fix any headaches and build your ideas in a short turnaround period.

Hiring a software development company means you will have access to a range of talents that would be unattainable on a full-time basis. This means you can accelerate your business idea, app or software into a reality in a much shorter timeframe.

Flexibility and aiding staff turnover

A software development company allows you to expand or decrease your staff during the peaks of a busy period and the valleys of quieter times when there are no software development updates needed.

This can be a great saving on your monthly overheads and minimises any risk of legal issues, should you need to retrench an in-house developer due to their cost. Hiring a software development company also gives you the flexibility to hire someone full-time in the future when the idea has taken off and the corporate or start-up is more profitable.

A software development company makes it incredibly straightforward to quickly replace departing staff without impacting your overall performance.

Due to a shortage of developers (and especially proficient developers) a significant spike in the salary of a web developer had made hiring in-house unattainable full-time for a start-up.

What Fluidity does

Our Head of Architect will observe and give your company direction on your software needs. We then advise on how to make your product work in a more Agile manner in order to push out certain changes quickly and with significant impact. This is manifested through test driven and continuous integration in order to get the most out of your product for maximum results and capital gains.

Should the client require on-site assistance, we will send our developers to your offices in order to help your team reach your end goals. Weekly client meetings are welcomed and we believe good communication is the key to success, ensuring your business can thrive and grow into the empire it can become.

More on Fluidity

Fluidity is a Cape Town based software development company that has built their reputation on their ability to meet the needs of customers with the innovative power of tech.

Fluidity believes that companies who adapt will ultimately survive and thrive, and that innovation and technology are keys to those ends. They partner with their clients as they help them innovate and compete with software solutions that create results.