about us

our story

Fluidity Software Solutions was started in 2013. We are currently based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We focus on Software Development, Mobile development and UI/UX Design. We are all about people learning, and have therefore started

tech sessions

which we offer once a month free of charge for all our employees and customers.

our values


We believe that respect of our fellow colleagues and customers leads to greater trust and better communication. We think that respect of others means we're open do different points of view which in turn makes us more dynamic.

honesty and trust

At Fluidity we place a high importance on building trust with our clients. When things go wrong (we do our best to prevent this, but sometimes life has other plans), it's the trust that we've built with our clients that's going to pull us all through. Having said that though, it's impossible to build trust without honesty.


Very often we're involved in writing software that is business critical. The success or failure usually determines the livelihood of a business, and of course it's employees jobs and livelihood as well. Helping businesses adapt to change in a time critical manner just wouldn't be possible if we didn't deliver quality.


We believe that the simplest solutions are the best solutions. They offer the greatest ability for your business to adapt, and not being able to adapt, we believe, is the source of the greatest pain now days.

continuous improvement

We are a learning organisation. We constantly look for new ways to improve what we do. We hold regular tech sessions and encourage our staff to improve and learn.

our vision and mission

We believe that companies that are the most


will ultimately survive and thrive. We also believe that in todays world this is done through




. We help our customers innovate and compete using us as their technology partner.

some of the tech we use

the team

Fluidity is made up of all kinds of personalities.