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We have often found that clients will have a solution to a problem, yet struggle with execution and getting to market in time, taking years to develop a product that never gets launched or by the time it is ready, have found that the market has moved on.

We assist clients with software development, training developers, assisting with processes, architecture and software execution.

THE PRODUCT Introduction

It can be very frustrating having the solution to a need, investing time, money, passion while not seeing any results. Sometimes by the time the product has launched, someone else has launched a similar product already, or the solution is no longer relevant. It becomes important to release often and adapt to the changing market.


Currently we are assisting clients with software product development and skills transfer to their developers (with skills such as TDD, CI/CD, Agile, and other technical skills).

We also place developers at our clients to assist them with the development of their projects.

client Consulting

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