Your technology partner in building your SaaS product

We are a SaaS software development company and digital transformation consultancy.


As the pace of change accelerates, we use technology to help our client adapt and deliver value to the market.

We believe that the companies that are going to survive and thrive are the ones that are the most adaptable.

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How can we serve you?

We have optimised our development process to achieve the following:

- Quick time to market. We believe in delivering value frequently and consistently.

- Adaptability. We believe that software needs to be malleable to a changing business

- Both Time to Market and Adaptability need to be achieved while ensuring a high standard of

Why is SaaS development different?

Saas Software needs to adapt at a faster pace than normal.

Software as a service needs to deliver value to the market quicker.

Software as a service is typically product based rather than project based.

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Why do I need a tech partner?

You get to focus on what you're good at, running your business. Let us focus on what we're good at.

Running a business is hard, focus and clarity is key to achieving success. It makes sense that we operate according to our strengths.

We understand tech, it's part of our DNA. In order to be a tech company it needs to be part of your DNA too.

We work as a team, being a tech partner means we work with you as part of the team.

Why choose us:

Our Software development process is streamlined specifically for SaaS software development.

We use small capable teams to move faster and reduce communication overhead.

Utilising a business-driven methodology, we promptly discover, evaluate, and automate as many business and IT procedures as feasible.

We help take your product from inception to production by being involved at all stages of your product lifecycle.

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Marike Ubbink, CIO, Pathcare
"The partnership between PathCare's software development team and Fluidity Software Solutions software development team has propelled our team into the future with regards to software development processes, platforms and tools."
"They understand trends in the market, and their architecture is bulletproof."
Account Executive & Scrum Master, wiGroup
"They are always interested in helping us improve our way of working."

Fluidity Software Solutions successfully delivered the product. Their team's app has received solid ratings. They are always interesting in helping the client improve.

What does a partnership with us look like?

1. Augmentation

  • Immediate member replacement
  • Flexibility
  • Maximise Profitability
  • Focus on your own business

2. Develop and walk away (we train you)

  • Code review
  • Automated pipelines
  • Automated tests
  • Improving planning and processes using agile methodologies
  • Effective Handover documentation and communication

3. We partner with you

  • Code review
  • Automated pipelines
  • Automated tests
  • Improving planning and processes using agile methodologies
  • Ongoing Service Level Agreement
  • Technology partnership with share equity and reduced cost
  • Ongoing Service Level Agreement

Our Promise to you

We will always operate in your best interest, with integrity and honesty.

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