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In a techno-driven world, where the internet and technology has changed the way we do business, Fluidity Software Solutions is here to help clients


compete and grow their businesses.

Now more than ever, we find the need to


. The luxury of consistently playing catch up with the competition is now a thing of the past.

what we do

Fluidity has two main areas of focus:

  1. We partner with clients as their digital execution partner.
  2. We develop products for clients from the ground up and take the product to market.

Being a learning organisation, we continuously improve our knowledge, skills, practices and tools that we use in order to deliver the latest technology solutions to our clients.

why do we do

what we do


FSS was born from a pure technology passion by all of our staff. We employ according to values and we ensure that we have an understanding of our clients highest values in order to ensure a long and lasting relationship.

Writing maintainable, quality software is important to us.

We have excellent leadership skills with exceptional high Intellectual Property with worldwide technology and leadership skills across the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Leisure/Entertainment etc

We believe the plethora of collective Intellectual Property within senior management, their vision, their action, their understanding of the hierarchy of values and how to lead these values is what makes FSS successful and fast growing.

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